Comprehensive Wealth Management
Financial planning is an ongoing process, not a one-time set of circumstances. The advisors at Capital Management, LLC combine an in-depth understanding of their clients’ needs with complex planning techniques for successful wealth management.
Capital Management provides expert financial advice from start to finish. We work closely with each client to identify his or her goals and tolerance for risk. Our advisors then prepare a comprehensive plan, which they closely manage. We even help our senior clients with bill paying, cash-flow analysis and the preparation of tax documents. 
We have been proactively managing our clients’ financial futures for three decades. Our team has over 150 years of combined experience. We use the same principles with our own investments. We focus on managing your risk – not protecting some large financial institution.
Here’s why Capital Management is the right choice for your financial future:
  1. We are an independent wealth management firm with no ties to any financial institution or fund. We choose the best financial products to meet your needs and risk tolerance.
  2. We rely on personal referrals to conduct our business, so we are motivated to please every client we serve.
  3. Developing and managing your comprehensive financial strategy is our entire focus.
  4. We are committed to supporting you in your efforts to achieve your goals.
  5. You receive personal attention and advice from professionals that you can trust. You can pick up the phone to talk with a real person at any time.
Protect your future with a comprehensive wealth management plan. Start by calling Capital Management at (336) 856-2911.