Financial Solutions
Capital Management, LLC offers a wide range of financial solutions. As an independent wealth management firm, we choose the best financial products to meet your needs and risk tolerance. 
Comprehensive Financial Planning
Comprehensive financial planning has been a critical part of our success - and our clients' - over the last 35 years. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to providing superior service and smart financial solutions. We take the time to understand the needs and goals of each client before creating a customized pan. Financial planning is an ongoing process that requires constant monitoring. Capital Management, LLC uses cutting-edge technology to track and monitor each client’s account.
Our clients have 24/7 access to their financial information, which is updated nightly. The best part of this tool is that it helps both of us. This system provides information that is easy to understand and all encompassing, which is critical in an ever-changing economy. The technology allows us to satisfy the need for up-to date financial information, access to important documents and provides a fast way to monitor results. We are able to discuss options with our clients based on the most current financial information. Our advisors use this tool to stay informed of changing circumstances so we can spend our time planning – not trying to figure out where everything is.
This technology provides the following services to our clients.
  • Alerts and alarms provide notification of any account changes so action can be taken.
  • Account aggregation allows our clients to view all their account information in one place.
  • The Vault provides online storage for important financial and legal documents.
  • Mobile access to the site via a PDA, Treo or Blackberry device.
  • A personalized Profile Grid identifies areas of concern or opportunities, which can be shared with your attorney or accountant (if you grant permission).
  • Customized reporting capabilities to meet your every need.
Get peace of mind about your financial future by working with the experts at Capital Management - and having instant access to your financial information.
Estate and Tax Planning
These services are part of the financial planning process, which must be catered to each client’s set of circumstances and individual objectives. Capital Management has developed and implemented estate plans that save time, expenses and taxes. After working to accumulate wealth, it is imperative that we work diligently to preserve your assets. Without proper planning, Uncle Sam can become the primary beneficiary of your hard work. This type of planning can be emotional, frustrating and confusing; but it can also be one of the most rewarding pieces of the planning process. You need the expertise of an experienced estate planner to create a comprehensive plan that addresses current tax laws and changes in the economy. We collaborate with our clients and their legal advisors to create detailed estate and tax plans.
There are many issues that need to be addressed during this process. We help our clients think through the alternatives to discover the solution best suited to each person’s needs.
Here’s a sample of some of the questions that may be discussed:
  • Where are my assets and how much are they worth?
  • When I die, who should receive my assets? When should they receive them?
  • Who will manage my assets if I cannot do so during my lifetime?
  • Who will carry out my wishes after I die?
  • Who will take care of dependent children?
  • Who should make decisions about my medical care if I am unable to do so?
  • What legal documents do I need to make sure all of this happens as smoothly as possible?
  • Should life insurance play a role in my plan? If so, how should it be used to my best advantage?
Fear of the unknown should not prevent you from taking the necessary steps to complete this important task. We are available to help you every step of the way through this complex process. We have just about seen it all during our many years in the industry. You can benefit from our extensive experience.
Senior Services
We enjoy lasting relationships with our clients through various phases of life. As time passes, keeping track of important financial information can be burdensome and frustrating. We understand that. At the request of several clients, Capital Management designed a useful method to assist them in monitoring their finances, while they maintain control and impendence.
The following services are offered to our senior clients:
  • Monitor and track income and expenses.
  • Collect bills and prepare checks for client’s signature.
  • Submit checks for payment (consider electronic payment when appropriate).
  • Prepare and provide client with copies of paid invoices.
  • Prepare and provide client with reconciled monthly bank statement.
  • Quarterly summary of income and expenses for review.
  • Work with client and their tax advisor to gather and provide documents and information for income tax filing.
  • Work with client and their attorney to gather and provide documents and information for estate planning review.
  • If required, prepare payroll for household employees.
  • As needed, work with client to secure housing (should circumstances change).
Services are provided on an hourly basis and will be agreed upon prior to engagement. Life is constantly changing. Capital Management strives to meet the needs of our senior clients so the can fully enjoy their retirement.
Do you have questions about your financial future? Get answers by calling Capital Management at (336) 856-2911.